यहूदी धर्म की शुरुआत कैसे हुई, इस्लाम और क्रिस्चेनिटी से क्या है कनेक्शन ?

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How did Judaism begin, what is the connection between Islam and Christianity?
The history of Judaism is 4,000 years old today. Judaism, which is the rule of Israel, is considered to be one of the oldest religions of the world. People of Judaism believe in monotheism (one who believes in God), and idol worship in this religion is considered sin.

History of Judaism-

Judaism was started by Prophet Abraham. Prophet Alai Abraham’s first son is named Hazrat Ishaq Alai. And the other son’s name is Hazrat Ismail alai Was there. The Prophet Abraham had two marriages, his first wife was named Sarah and the second wife was Hazara.
Prophet Alai The name of Abraham’s grandson is Hazrat Alai Yakub was and Yakub’s second name was Israel. They established Israel by joining the 12 tribes of the Jews. The name of Jacob’s son was Judah, and the descendants of Juda were called Jews, and the religion of the Jews is known today as Judaism. The people of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian religions consider Hajrat Abraham his grandfather

From Adam to Abraham and Abraham to Moses, the prophets of all the Jews, Christians and Islam are one, but the Jews are still waiting for their next Prophet after Moses.

1. Believers regard this religion as their God. The Jewish people believe that this name was first described by God to Hazrat Musa. This word has been used many times in the Bible book of scriptures of Christians and Jews.

After Prophet Abraham, the greatest name in the history of this religion is Prophet Moses. Moses worked to unite the centuries-old traditions. Therefore, they are considered to be the real founders of Judaism.

Moses was born in the time of Egypt’s Pharaoh (king of Egypt). It is believed that Moses’s mother had shed her in the Nile River and later she was brought up by the wives of the husbands. When Moses realized that he was a Jew and his country was oppressing the Jews.

Then they decided to liberate the Jews from the slavery of the Pharaohs. It is said that Moses received ten principles from God for it. On the basis of these principles, he liberated the Jews from the slavery of the Fars, later this ten command became the principal principle of this religion.

The religion of the Jews

The Hebrew language of the Jews is Hebrew, that is, Hebrew. The major religious texts of the Jews were Torah, Tanaka, Talamud, written in all Hebrew languages.

By combining the first five texts of the Bible, According to the Jews, God gave this book to Moses.

This religious book has compiled the daily activities of the Jews.

This is the Hebrew name for the Bible text.

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