समंदर के रास्ते ढाई हजार साल पहले ये आए थे भारत…

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समंदर के रास्ते ढाई हजार साल पहले ये आए थे भारत…

It was India, two and a half thousand years ago.
Today, about two and a half thousand years ago, Jews came to India to seek refuge and shelter. At present, this religion is the smallest minority community in the country, gradually their population is dwindling in India.

Deepal Singh
New Delhi, 29 June 2016, updated 14:03 IST

About 4,000 years old Judaism is the rule of Israel. One of the oldest religions in the world has been the birth of Christianity and Islam. The Jews believe that God is one. Idol worship is considered sin in this religion. Their religious language is ‘Hebrew’ (Hebrew) and their religious texts are ‘Tanakh’, which is written in Hebrew.

Judaism is believed to be born of Prophet Abraham or Ibrahim, who had lived 2000 years before Christ. The Prophet Abraham’s first son was named Hazrat Isaac and the second was Hazrat Isma’il. Both of them had different mothers The name of Hazrat Isaac’s mother was Sarah, and Hazrat Ismail’s mother was Hazara.

The son of the Prophet Abraham’s grandson was Hazrat Yakub. Yakub’s second name was Israel. Yakub had made the nation of Israel with the 12 tribes of the Jews. The name of one of the sons of Yakub was Judah (Juda). In Judah’s name, his descendants were called Jews and their religion was called Judaism.

About two and a half thousand years ago, the Jews started coming to India via the sea route as refugees from the traders and southern Palestine (Judea) and they slowly moved to settle down here. Then they made India their home. The Government of Maharashtra has given the Jews the status of minority, their number is continuously falling.


Now where are they?
– After the formation of Israel in 1948, about 70,000 Indian Jews settled there.
– Only 5,000 survive in India, 3,500 of whom are in Mumbai. This is India’s largest Jewish community.


The Jews of Kochi:
The oldest Jewish community in the world came to India two and a half thousand years ago and settled as a businessman near Kochi on the Malabar coast. They used to mix a mixture of Hebrew and Malayalam words. But now only 100 Kochi Jews survive, while more than 7,000 Israel have fled.


Beni Israel:
This word means children of Israel. These are 2,100 years ago refugees who came to India from Jundia, where the Romans had kept them alive. She settled in Maharashtra and settled in. Still around 3,500 to 4,000 people of this community live here.

Baghdadi Jews:
This community, which came here about 280 years ago, is called a Misrhym Jewish. They settled in Kolkata and Mumbai. A well-educated and working group, which soon turned into a successful and prosperous community. You know how to speak languages ​​like Hindi, Marathi and Bengali.


The Jews of Chennai:
Pardesi Jews of Portuguese origin who came to India in the 17th century. He started the business of diamonds, precious stones and corals, which came from the mine of Golkonda. As well as maintain good relations with Europe.

Missing Jews:
Manaiyapur and Mnejoram’s Benai Menash, who consider himself to be Israel’s Lost Tribes. In the beginning of the 1960s, about 7,000 people were converted to Jews. Cultural trends and customs have been adopted. After this most of the people came here from Israel.


Famous faces:
Leela Samson and Nadira Nisim Ejikil, poet Sulochana, Pramila and Nadira, film stars star David Samson, businessman Leila Samson, dancer David Joseph Panker, who wrote India’s first speaking film. All of these celebrities are Jewish.


Where is Puraja-Archana?
Religious sites and historical buildings of Jews in India –

Pardesi Sinagogue, Kochi
Kavumabham ceengagh, aranakulam
Jude Heam Sinagogue, New Delhi
Magnus David Sinagogue, Mumbai
Kenneth Eliyahu Sinagogue, Mumbai
David Sesun Library and Flora Fountain, Mumbai

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